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Video Conference With Me ? I use Jitsi Meet

Some others worth trying, Some Best Avoided!

Yes some other video conference software & services will be OK too, I am not averse to trying _some_; But some are known Bad, Insecure, & best avoided. I do not use software riddled with security loopholes, nor do I use proprietary commercial technologies promoted by mega corporations trying to privatise the Internet. If you use a brand leader just because associates do, & have given it no thought, Start Thinking!:

Do you have A Question ? - My Frequent Answers

Would it be better discussed on a Mail list ?

I am also choosey what other software & services & info sources I use, eg:

  • I do NOT use Microsoft, I use free public domain sourced software, eg I use FreeBSD.
  • I mostly avoid google search & use other search engines
  • I don't use [Anti-]Social Web sites riddled with the anonymous, the clueless, chain mail forwarders, those who fail to provide references, trolls, malicious, rumour mongers, zombie followers, & [ro]bots run by governments & corporations to spread lies & adverts, etc.
  • Why stated ? It can save time & trouble if some do Not contact smiley face icon
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