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Julian H. Stacey
Tobacco Smoke Allergic No Smoking

Julian H. Stacey, 18th July 1998 British British Flag in Germany German Flag No Fumar en esta casa.
Rauchen verboten.
Defense de fumer.
Nekurte zde prosim vas.




Banned for years before 2005. An example to smoked out Germany.



  • The Munich Oktoberfest had stinking smokers in every one of its 12 big beer tents. Again for 2006 NIM were trying to get one tent to be clean air.
    Later Bavaria enforced non smoking on all indoor venues, including the tents.

    Bundesarbeitsgericht, 9 AZR 84/97

    Arbeitnehmer haben dann Anspruch auf einen tabak-rauchfreien Arbeitsplatz, wenn das im Einzelfall aus gesundheitlichen Grunden geboten und dem Arbeitgeber zumutbar ist

    Which to me read like tortology & pretty much useless for enforcement against an unwilling employer addicted to smoke ? But Germany is slowing cleaning up it's dirty act, in some offices.

    In 2015 Its still a patch work of 15 different regional laws, no national uniformity, In 2015 in Bavaria, its clean air inside & the streets stink outside ! Walk down a street & you wont notice car exhaust, but cigarette smoke. Not enough wind in Bavaria! In 2014 English visitors noticed a lot more smokers in the street in Germany than in England. Sit ouside a cafe & smokers poison the air from most tables.


In 2014, In town of Sopron (pronounced shop-ron) On North East side of town square, near Utztorony tower, the only place in Europe I`ve ever been able to sit outside at a block of tables marked Non Smoking. OK, was just a block of 2 x 3 = 6 tables on front edge, surrounded by normal=potentialy smoked tables, but it`s a start.

Ireland (South, Eire)

  • many report the new law is working well, even in the pubs.


  • The non smoking managers of Hotel DaTino, Malcesine, Lago Di Garda told us the new law requires restaurants & bars to have seperate rooms if smoking is to be permitted, but some small places tend to ignore the law. DaTino itself is swamped, (as is North Garda generally) by Germans, which is a bad thing, as many more Germans than Brits or Italians smoke, so the terrace at breakfast is polluted. Inside is smoke free, but why should poisonous smokers deny non poisoners the excellent view outside ?!


Forbidden to smoke in pubs since sometime before 1st June 2005


Forbidden to smoke in pubs from 1st June 2005


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