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DSL Splitters @ 2021-12

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How UK do DSL filters
    community . talktalk . co . uk / t5 / Articles / Fix - slow - broadband - speeds / ta - p / 2204649
    community . talktalk . co . uk / t5 / Articles / Your - guide - to - microfilters / ta - p / 2205399
    accessories . talktalk . co . uk / productdescription / 9

    en . wikipedia . org / wiki / DSL_filter
        (3rd paragraph at 
        en . wikipedia . org / wiki / DSL_filter # Installation
        is badly written. The middle very bad

Things To Know & Check 
    Router can connect direct to line, (probably best direct),
    or router can plug into DSL socket of a splitter if a
    splitter happens to be plugged in there).

    All other phone devices (*** such as phones, caller ID,
    DECT phone wireless base stations, answerphones, disability
    fall detector/ alert caller, burglar/ intruder auto callers,
    extension external bells eg for garden/ garage, fax, fax
    modem, old fashioned slow modems, etc  ) must each have
    splitters between devices & phone line.

        If you have any other phone devices (***) sharing
        a double or triple socket on a trailing external
        in line multi socket on a cable: Then between that
        double or triple socket & the wall, install a filter.
        You don't then need 2 or 3 separate filters one per
        *** device.
        BUT if you have any other phone devices (***)
        plugging separately direct in wall onto the raw
        line, then you must have separate filters

    A splitter is a small box (smaller than a pack of 20
    cigarettes) with 1 plug & 2 sockets, the socket labeled
    for DSL modem is essentially wired un-filtered to the line
    (or possibly via a high frequency pass filter), the socket
    for traditional old phones (POTS=Plain Old Phone Service)
    has a low pass filter

    Splitters / Filters are more expensive, & you usually get
    just 2 bundled with a free router in a 2 year UK DSL modem/
    router contract.  & you may have more that 2 multi way phone
    sockets round the house/ flat.  So go for the route of
    multiple devices in external multi way sockets, then a
    single splitter/filter between that & wall socket.

    No other phone devices (***) except router can be allowed
    to connect to phone line except via a filter.

Check all filters/splitters in the house work OK:
    en . wikipedia . org / wiki / DSL_filter
    "The usual symptom of a failed filter is frequent DSL
    disconnects or slow internet speed. The usual procedure to
    test for failed filters is to remove all filters and all
    other devices and extension cables from the telephone line.
    Then connect the DSL modem or router directly to the main
    phone line socket and check to see whether the internet
    speed increases or disconnects reduce. If this works, one
    or more microfilter(s) used with the analog devices need
    to be replaced."

The above assumes you don't have an IP-Router.  In my case with an
IP router (a Fritz 7490) it's even simpler & more draconian: No
phone etc devices whatever are allowed to plug in to line, except
via phone sockets on router case itself.

In an old house, there were various spurs to extension phones: All
the extension phones were removed, & the extra bell circuit was
removed, but the spurs themselves were not removed, & the IP router
(another Fritz 7490) noticed & sent complaint email to owner,
detailing length of 2 spurs that still needed to be removed, & also
showing speeds a lot lower than the 50 Mit/sec nominal, & also
showing numerous disconnects & re-attaches with new IP numbers.

As UK talktalk & vodafone routers come bundled free with contracts,
at least vodafone bundle a cheap Huawei router without sophistication
like the expensive Fritz shows.  I've read the complete manual of
the Huawei from Vodafone, & the Fritz, but not the talktalk.

The cheaper routers that Deutsche Telekom bundle in are also not as
sophisticated as self selected & self bought routers eg my 
Fritz 7490.

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