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Julian H. Stacey - SMS Numbers

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(SMS = Short Message Service = Text Message on phone)

Other Numbers & Contact Data

Do NOT SMS Me ! - Email Or Phone instead!

  • Never SMS me questions or discussions - I ignore them ! - Email Or Phone!
  • Wherever I give my number, including on Business Card & Berklix list announcements, immediately following is: "NO SMS", If you ignore NO SMS: You waste Your Time.
  • If you want me, Phone Or Email me !
  • NO SMS for business either, unless your company has Already paid my company for computer consultancy.
  • I do not read SMS for weeks or months.

Contact me another way, Not via SMS.

  • If Urgent: Phone ! Or Mobile Phone
  • Or Email me !
  • Do not SMS unless you are happy for me Not See For Weeks & Never Reply
    I might not mind reading it, but I will Not waste time replying!.
  • If you want a reply: Pay for a Phone call ! Cheaper on telecom charges & human time. than multiple SMS, & faster to come to a decision.
  • My time is too valuable to waste squinting at SMS's in tiny & ill lit screens, composing SMS's. on crippled mobile phone keyboards, with max 160 limits & having to turn off the always wrong T9-guess-ahead.
  • On none of the many social & sports etc activities I arrange & help with, will I stop to type you an SMS.
  • I have for years organised more free eventsfor more groups than anyone else I know, so No further time to lose on unwanted SMS.
  • Web & Email to SMS gateways I don't use: Wastes my time. Trying to keep SMS short to save you the recipient money.
  • I've known supposedly intelligent people assert "SMS is cheap, effective, great etc, & they use it all the time". I've laughed at their SMS bills, & been annoyed at their typing SMSs while delaying me, walking at half speed, talking like zombies. (Remember the joke about the US president who couldn't walk & chew gum ? ;-) Make a quick interactive phone or mobile call while you I & others walk at full high speed !
  • Yes my large smart phone does SMS on a decent size keyboard.
    No, I still dont accept SMS junk !
  • SMS's are wildly profitable for phone companies, which is why they promote them. You'r a sucker if you waste time with them rather than interactive phoning.

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