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Surplus Hardware (& other stuff) For Sale, Free & Wanted,
Mostly From & To Munich & Aachen, Germany
(Meist Zu Verkaufen Ab Muenchen)


Mostly my stuff, some stuff belongs to friends





  • I & others have surplus equipment, some to sell, & some to give away &/or swap with some friends .
    I also want to buy some other equipment.
  • I do not buy or sell stuff for a living, ( I am a Consultant for a Computer Company )
    This page is just a convenience to list & maybe shift stuff I don't need.
  • None of it has ever been offered on

Computer Equipment I Reconfigure With New Free Software

Computer Hardware Wanted

  • HP Network ScanJet 5 & 6 aka HP 9100C If you've got one for sale, or know of an office (ideally in Munich or Aachen) with one lying around unused, probably shoved in an office corner (as HP originals boot off NT networks that businesses are migrated away from)

    Please Let me know It's worth cash or beer smiley face icon

Money & Trust ?!

Thieves & forgers (of goods & money) & loonies etc all lurk on the net. I know people who've been ripped off. Any thinking of trying scams on me will just waste time: I'm Very Distrustful/ Paranoid ! Techniques: Face to face; cash; no over invoicing; waiting till cheques are cleared and can't be revoked; proving equipment works.


I saw this on 2005.11:
  • Bitte stellen Sie ihre Fragen vor Abgabe eines Gebotes. Bei meinen Auktionen handelt es sich ausnahmslos um Privatverkäufe. Das neue EU-Recht sieht eine einjährige Gewährleistung bei Gebrauchtwaren vor, die jedoch bei Privatverkäufen ausgeschlossen werden kann. Was ich hiermit ausdrücklich mache. Mit der Abgabe Ihres Gebotes erklären Sie sich damit einverstanden, auf eine Gewährleistung zu verzichten.
  • So in English: My stuff is private, not business sale. I Exclude a guarantee. However if I know or suspect something is Not working or not OK, I'll certainly tell you.

Surplus Computer Hardware

  • Vintage Computer T Shirts
    I have 10+ most virtually never worn as many smaller than I am.

  • ISDN Router

    (Source @ 2010-08: Gary: Grafing, near Munich Germany. )

  • Eumex 704PC LAN

    ISDN Telefonanlage (PBX) & T-DSL mit IP Router & PC Netzwerk

  • Brother M1509 Matrix Wide printer.

    • Takes extremely wide paper as well as A4.
    • Very low profile, Much slimmer than modern printers, just 3" high at front, 4" high at back
    • Not high & heavy like the old monsters
    • With 2 Manuals English & German.
    • With tractor & pinch wheel feeds. Works with or without tractor hole edged paper.
    • About 6 spare sealed ribbons.

  • Portable batteries driven ink jet printer - Kodak Diconix 150 Plus.

    Click for larger
    Click for larger
    Click for larger

    Serial Interface 25 pin (I've perhaps got a 25/9 converter)
    Accessories Included
    • Transformer American 120 V, 60 Hz, 14 W,,Output: 9V DC 1A, Negative centre pin. Would work with a European transformer too. I might have one or could advise.
    • Ink cartridges. 4 unopened Diconix .
    • No Software to drive it. Not bothered to try under Unix, (ghostscript would be a good place to start looking).
      Micro$oft XP drives pretty much anything these days, so addict users of that viral monopoly boast. Yours to try, I don't have time.
    • Batteries. NiCad rechargeable Takes [3 or 4
      batteries, up to 5 batteries spare (NiCad). Subject to need/negotiation. (NiCads have non infinite shelf life, I can test before sale).

  • Laptop Carry Cases

  • __
    Click for larger
    Click for larger
    Click for larger
    Click for larger
    Click for larger
    Click for larger

    Laptop computer Toshiba T1100+

    LCD screen, Blue font, Green background, not back-lit, 2 * 720K floppy drives, 7MHz 8086 Zustand/Condition: Gut/Good, plastic chassis somewhat faded. Dokumentation: Perfect Zustand inc. Orig Boot Flop MSDOS-3.2 USA Keyboard, Original USA 110V power supply + my own self built 220/240V supply. Shoulder bag available. A collectors piece. Probably purchased new by me about 1986/7 Original Price advertised on page 363 of Byte was US $ 1,750 (though that's just of historic interest smiley face icon I used to occasionally run this with DOS (3 recall) to connect to my PC532 & Symmetric 375 using Kermit. It also used to run Minix, though I don't have that any more, (for Minix I extended the driver from 360K to 720K, Yup multi processing OS on floppy ! ie a vi edit + background make of C).

  • __
    Click for larger
    Click for larger

    Click for larger
  • Various PCMCIA cards

    • Some of the cards in the picture above I might still need, most not.
    • Additionally I now also have other cards not pictured, but listed below, for which I have No transducer/dongle for. For those, I'm both interested in selling cards AND trading my surplus cards for your surplus transducer/dongle, (ie if you have eg burnt out cards, but good transducer/dongle, Do contact me :-)
    • 2 x 16 bit card: 3 Com Megaherz 10Mbps. Tested Working, using a 3 Com transducer/dongle from another card
    • 2 x 16 bit card: 3 Com EtherLink III 10Mbps. Tested Working, using a 3 Com transducer/dongle from another card
    • 1 x 16 bit card: Compaq 10/100 Probes OK with FreeBSD as device"xe" (**), Don't know if really working as I only have one never tested 3 Com 10/100 transducer/dongle that I suspect is bad.
    • 3 x 16 bit card: Xircom Credit Card Ethernet 10/100-Ready. FreeBSD recognises these as device type "xe" (**). All tested OK with rlogin etc, using transducer/dongle I bought for Norbert.
    • (**) FreeBSD-6.0 `man xe` extract: 100BaseTX: Full-duplex operation is currently not supported.
    • 1 x 32 bit card:Intel EtherExpress PRO/100 Mobile Adapter CardBus, Probes OK with FreeBSD as device"dc" (++) Don't know if really working as I only have one never tested 3 Com 10/100 transducer/dongle that I suspect is bad.
    • 2 x 32 bit card: Xircom CardBus Ethernet II 10/100. Probes OK with FreeBSD as device"dc" (++) but I have no transducer/dongle to test with. Needs a physically different shape ethernet connector (compared with 3 Com & to the external transducer/dongle.
    • (++) FreeBSD-6.0 `man 4 dc` extract: full-duplex Force full duplex operation. The interface will operate in half duplex mode if this media option is not specified.
    • 2 x 16 bit card: MP3510
      Combi card 56,000 bit/sec + 10baseT GSM compatible. FreeBSD doesn't recognise these, & they crash FreeBSD. Needs a physically different shape ethernet connector (compared with 3 Com & Xircom 32 bit) to the external transducer/dongle. 2 pictures I've seen on web show different transducer/dongles, one with coax & no apparent space on it for a UTP as well, & 2nd UTP, no room for coax..

    Libretto 70 CT Original Floppy set for MS-Windows 95

    - NOT the Libretto itself, which is NOT for sale. Just the floppy set available. I installed FreeBSD instead as I do NOT like Micro$oft. Lots of people sell Librettos, doubtless some lose the install floppy set, & or get infested with Micro$oft Viruses. This is your chance to get a new floppy set to recover from (though I consider Micro$oft a pain, & recommend you try FreeBSD instead ( 32,517 @ 2020-08-24 free programs - Free !). I can also install & configure FreeBSD on Librettos - or other computers - for a commercial consultancy fee.

    "PS Re Software marked: For Distribution Only with a new PC" & Software You purchase somewhere, can't read the license, then have to click "Yes I agree ..." before it will work.

    Far as I recall from my UK University days & from my reading of various odd "law books for amateurs" & industry magazines etc, this is, to use an American phrase apposite to American law: "Bullshit", it's just American corporations trying yet again to impose their law over ours. American residents might be restricted to not resell software, we Europeans are Not, ('except Micro$oft might cut off your supply if you'r a dealer - but they risk being fined yet again by the European Union , for monopoly infringement, each time they get too pushy ;-).

    English law anyway. Precedent I would refer to is: when NCP lost the appeals court decision decades back: Some driver had a brick fall on his car. Lower court ruled" "Tough, NCP have a sign saying tough, so tough". Overturned on Appeal. Judge ruled any extra clauses not available to reader until after car park fee paid, were invalid. So NCP changed their car parks so all their "Not our fault if .." clauses are now readable from car before paying money. After the court ruling, Canterbury NCP car park acquired an escape lane after notice & before payment, built shortly after that appeal court loss, so one could decline to accept (if one blocked the queue long enough to read all the guff).

    German law: Someone told me in 2009, as far as she knew, in Germany one had maybe 10 mins to leave the car park if one did not accept terms only visible after entry. (With poor customer rights in Germany, & often hostile bavarian language in Munich, don't rely on that, get corroboration, which confirmation or refutation) I would welcome.

    Many excremental American legal clauses with which software is sold internationally (even bundled hardware eg laptops) seem some cocktail mix of American legalese/ bullshit, immoral, illegal in EU or UK, & or un-enforceable. Don't believe such exretia, until you ask a lawyer in whichever of 170+ sovereign independent countries of purchase, if actually legally binding.

    ZIP 250M Media, also a Drive

    Up to 12. (Historic interest: Shop price UK was once 15 pounds, shop price Munich was 15 euro @ April 2003)

    2 * LS120 Drives + 9 Media Discs, a few still virgin sealed.

    Pic. shows 1 drive loose, but I have a second unused in a chassis.

    Tape Streamer 1 Gig QIC SCSI

    50 pin SCSI (SCSI-1 physical connector style, ie 50 PIN DIP 1/10" spacing, SCSI-2 electrical style I assume). Manufacturer Probably TEAC + (any tapes Gary ?)
    (Source: Gary: Grafing, near Munich Germany. ) 5.25" Single slot height.


    All the Fax Modems Are Currently (Feb. 2014) not available, may be needed for a project.

    Supra Fax V32 9600 & V32bis 14,400,

    External, small, light. (V32bis Purchased From USA, V32 9600 I'm not sure of). Aluminium Chassis

    Supra Express 366 V+ Black plastic chassis.

    Power block but No manual.

    Modem: Discovery Datatronics 9632am

    (Purchased in Germany). It weighs 1.6 Kg including modem, 9V 1.5A transformer & booklet. No original box, I'd have to find/ make one to post in which would weigh a bit. Assume < 2Kg inc packing when you look it up on http:

    Modem Escom. Stands vertically

    Bookshelf style (shown horizontal to save space on this page). Purchased in Germany, but never used. (I mention that 'cos the Germans once had some law mandating their modems be limited on auto redial capability, so that if software blew, you wouldn't drive someone berserk, ringing his phone non stop . I think the mod. was to only allow a few dial attempts, then back off for a few minutes. You still wouldn't get much sleep though if someone else's modem software went wrong. A near pointless law, unless it was NOT motivated to protect the consumers, but either to protect the phone network from dialling overload by too frequent dialling, or to trade obstruction/ `protection' to protect the sales market of German modem manufacturers against cheaper international modems, (American modems were a Lot cheaper, & though early American & European modems worked to different standards, in later years when we got up to 9600 bit/sec & beyond, things had standardised).

    Modem: US Robotics Sportster VI

    Purchased in UK. (Thus no German dial restrictions).

    Zip Drive Blue plastic chassis.

    Power block but No manual.

    Logic State Analyzer

    Manufacturer: Hewlett Packard Model: 1602A Portable, Repetition Rate 10 MHz Max Input Load one low power Schottky (<400uA source), Input threshold TTL 1.5V, 16 bit, 64 word. Original User Manual in good condition.

    Emulex SCSI Bus to 2 * ST506 Adapter card

    Was 2 cards, identical I think. I recall I gave one away to a NetBSD or FreeBSD chap.

    Parts From A Toshiba T4600C Laptop

    (486/33 MHz 4Mb) (laptop scrapped due to bad battery recharge circuit failure inside laptop). May / probably be useful for other Toshiba's.
    • __
      Click for larger

      Cells from Battery pack.

      I took the lid off the battery & checked all cell voltages & they were all fine, so felt sure it was my charge regulator in the laptop that had gone, & was feeding a false level to the microprocessor, so the laptop simply wasn't turning on it's charge circuity. Externally charged, I recall, the battery was just fine, so I strongly felt the problem lay within the laptop, but I already had 2 newer laptops, & it's a swine to disassemble the 4600C in enough bits to get & unfold all the circuit cards (stacked in a heap at back of laptop, & try to figure which analogue regulator component was faulty. I just couldn't be bothered to reassemble that laptop, dumped it & just kept the bits.

    • __
      Click for larger


      (English, not American or German). Re-found 2006.11.

    • __
      Click for larger

      Floppy drive.

      No Manual, no screen, no boot discs

    Power Supplies

    6 to 8, open frame, 220 input, 5 + 12V output, can & have driven big 5.25" discs with heavy start up surge)

    Power Supplies

    6 or so 220 to 5+12V 1A enclosed (not for 5.25 full height drives needing 4A start current ! )

    More Power Supplies.


    Games Joy sticks

    Pre PC era , don't know what PC's use, but these are just linear pots far as I recall. Electronics people won't be scared, PC people might & should.

    Click for larger

    2 ISDN cards

    "Teles S0-Karte Revision 1.2 Copyright 1992 by TELES" 8 bit ISA slot 9 pin D shape female connector You have to make up your own simple converter cable, pin out (don't worry it IS isdn despite plug shape & file name) Postage detail (so others preferably, not me, can work out postage :-) raw card size unpacked: 15 cm x 13 cm x 2cm ~ 100 grams naked (without even an anti static bag weighed in)

    I will happily cross link to other VCFE & BIM & friends etc lists of unwanted kit.


  • camera_pentax
    Click for larger

    Camera Pentax ZOOM-70

    AF Zoom Macro, f=35mm-f=70mm Tele Macro. + spare long life battery (ies & spare cells), + takes normal batteries. + Blue carry case + Manual.

  • . camera_ricoh
    Click for larger

    Camera Ricoh Singlex TLS

    SLR= Single Lens Reflex
    Speeds: (/sec) 1000, 500, 250, 125, 60, 30, 15, 8, 4, 2, 1, B.
    Aperture: 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16.
    Lens:Auto Rikenon 1:1.4 f=55mm27593 Lens Made In Japan. Screw not bayonet fitting.
    Camera & Lens have Automatic stop down. Lens Has a supplemental manual rotate stop down. Inc. a "Rollei" case.
    Uses no battery.

  • . camera_zenit
    Click for larger

    Camera Zenit-E

    SLR= Single Lens Reflex
    Speeds 500, 250, 15, 60, 30-X, B. Rotary lever marked X & MF. Integral flash shoe (cold). Socket on front for flash. Mechanical auto timer. Inc original case (damaged case but repaired). No damage to camera.
    Lens: 3.5/50. Industar-50-2. Screw not bayonet fitting.
    Neither camera nor lens have Automatic stop down.
    Aperture 3.5, 5.6, 8, 11, 16. Inbuilt light meter.
    Uses no battery.

  • x
    Click for larger
    Click for larger

    Camera Wide angle Lens

    f=35mm 1:3.5 Prinzgalaxy
    Aperture: 3.5, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16. Lens does not have Automatic stop down. Fits both the above Zenit-E & Ricoh Singlex TLS .

  • light_meter
    Click for larger

    Camera Light Meter

    "Leningrad 4"
    Speeds: 1/1000, 1/500, 1/250, 1/125, 1/60, 1/30, 1/15, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, 2, 4, 8, 15 secs.
    Aperture: 1.4, 2, 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16, 22
    Film Sensitivity: 3-800 ASA = 6-30 DIN
    Uses no battery.

Car Accessories

  • carburetors balancing kit

    Car Twin Carburetter Balancing Kit

  • __
    Click for larger

    [Car] / Picnic Cool Box

    Passive one, Cheaper & considerably lighter than ones using 12 Volt. Useful shopping, & sorting freezer.

  • __
    Click for larger

    4 Snow Chains in 2 flat plastic boxes.

    for car tyres. ie 2 pairs. High quality with Spur- Kreuz- Lauf- Net = Square Inserts for Ice. Manufacturer Rud. Item Code 97 917 Other number 45 117 2 packs of 2 in plastic box Original price was DM 320/pair < ADAC Sendlinger Tor Dec 1985. Still in good condition, rarely used. Obviously I'd accept Much less though. Annoyingly, these chains are much better than new chains one can buy now, like I have on my new car: I couldn't find any to buy with square ice grippers for my new car !
    (One chain has a link snapped on the tightening chain of one chain of one pair. Either needs welding, else convince me to sell you 1 set & maybe throw the other set in free, so you have a spare chain)
    Used on my old car's Tyres"175 / 70 R 13". also quoted quoted by RUD as good for
    My C program & manual to calculate chains for tyres.
  • __
    Click for larger

    Car Hammer Screwdriver (for loosening Car Wheel Nuts etc)

    Not just for cars of course !
    Manufacturer: Einhell
    Model: CC-HS 12
    Manufacturers page for Model CC-HS 12/1: New price @ 2021-05 50EU 12 V car hammer screwdriver (forward/reverse)
    12 V cable for connecting to a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket
    Set of four drive socket inserts size 17, 19, 21 and 23 mm
    Adapter cable for connecting directly to a vehicle's 12 V battery
    Plastic case
    RRP in Germany: #49.95 @ 2017-11
    Used once. Works perfectly, has crocodile clips & cigarette lighter plug.
    Caution for Subaru owner & other electric compressed air suspension cars:
    Do Not use cig lighter socket via ignition key on a jacked up car with alectric air suspension (such as on many Subaru), when a wheel is off, cos the car will push down the loose axle & cause damage. Only use the crocodile clips direct to battery.

Electrical, TV, Stereo etc

  • Oscilloscope Telequipment Type D1010

    • picture of scope
      Click for larger
    • A friend gave it me years back.
    • He warned me it blows trip fuse if earth wire is connected. I checked, it does. I've used it numerous times un-earthed, works fine.
    • I don't have a manual I think, never felt the need. Might be a PDF on web.
    • No scope signal leads.

  • Remote Controller, Silva Schneider SMP 330 USB

  • Remote Controller, Philips, takes 2 AA batteries, Grey,
    Inside of battery lid:
    3139 238 10891
    Made In China
    HK01 02549 A 000532 LF


    10.95-11.7 GHz; Out 950-1700; local 10GHz; Gain 53dB; Noise 1.6/ 1.8; Polarisation electrical; Out 75 Ohm F type connector;

    LNB Pace ToReview-2017-12-31

    • Enhanced LO 9.75 GHz EAP Series H/V 14/18 V ED1009011760 Made in United Kingdom

    LNB Micro Electronics Technology Inc. AP8-T2 ToReview-2017-12-31

    10.7-12.75 GHz Universal golden single 40mm 0.6 dB
    www . mti . com . tw /

  • Amstrad SRD400 ToReview-2017-12-31

    • 1994 or so

  • Pioneer Digital Terrestial Receiver DBR-TF100GB ToReview-2017-12-31

  • Philips Digital TV Tuner, DSR1000/00M, ToReview-2017-12-31

    • 230V, 2 audio, 2 scart, serial, 2 screwed sat.

  • Nokia Sat 1600 Videocrypt IRD PANDA - TV Satellite Tuner ToReview-2017-12-31

    Part Code 627-1900110
    IO: 230V in, 3 scart, 2 RF, 2 Sat screwed, 2 audio phono

  • Pace TV Sky Digibox ToReview-2017-12-31

    BSKYB 2500S3
    With Remote controller
    Has got the phone plug with white UK power etc. Part Code 540-2308510, 2 scart, 3 RF, phone, rs232, 2 phono, 1 screwed sat. 230V "The units are DVB-S compatible, and usually carry the DVB logo on the front. However, their use as a DVB-S receiver for anything other than Sky services is seriously limited by their reduced choice of symbol rates (22,000 and 27,500; additionally 28,250 and 29,000 on Sky+ HD), and their inability to store more than 50 (fewer still on some models) non-EPG channels without losing them. Following a software "upgrade" the digibox will not display programmes from non 28.2 East Satellites ... The box also refuses to let users view channels which are free-to-air but displaying flags claiming encryption, which locks out some channels even on the satellites Sky use themselves, such as Free to View channels."

  • Digital TV tuner, Philips, DTR210/05 ToReview-2017-12-31

    Made in Hungary
    Inc external power 12V DC, (positive centre pin)
    With remote controller.
    Chassis: Lightweight black plastic.
    From: UK/JES, What's know in UK as a"Freeview Unit".
    jl@ said 2011.01 this (if one adds an aerial) should pick up over 20 channels in Munich (but not CNN)
    IO: 2 scart, rf In & Out + Phone, + UK trafo.
    "Features: Electronic Programme Guide, digital text."
    ukfree . tv / documents / retune / Philips_DTR210_retune . pdf

    https :// www . manualslib . com / manual / 122375 / Philips - Digital - Set - Top - Box - Dtr210 . html ? page = 18 # manual Technical DataGeneral- DVB terrestrial Free-To-Air receiver compliant to EN 300 744- MHEG5 and LCN support- UHF frequency range support- Video and Audio out via 2x SCART- Digital audio out- Fast channel search- Reed-Solomon decoding support (EN 300 744)- Automatic FEC selection (1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8)- MPEG2 Transport Stream support: ISO/IEC 13818-1- DVB-Video/-Audio support: ISO/IEC 13818-2, -3- Update-Over-Air accordingly to BBC-SSU procedure- slim line housing Base specification- QPSK / QAM16/64 demodulation compliant to DVB terrestrial standard EN 300 744- COFDM 2k and 8k- UHF support (474...862 MHz)- 8 MHz channel bandwidth- Guard Interval Modes: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4 active symbol duration- Fast PLL tuning speed:step size 62,5 kHz / 166,67 kHz Input /Output2x SCART (VCR & TV) out TV SCART video out: CVBS, Y/C, RGB- VCR SCART video out: CVBS, Y/C- switching signal: 0 / 6 / 12V- Audio out (left/right)Digital audio out (S/PDIF)RF input connector IEC60169-2 female- termination 75 Ohm- Return Loss: min. 6 dB (75 Ohm)Loop-Through of RF signals- output termination 75 Ohm

  • Might be useful for ref.: www . amstrad . com / products / digisat / previous_models . html

  • This being be investigated to see if it might install with BSD

  • (Used with DRX780 )

    3 remotes,
    1 is different to other 2.

  • (Used with DRX780 )

    " Magic Eye " (remote detector fits on aerial cable)

  • (Used with DRX780 )

    "Thomson WP J530U Extension Module - Wireless Phone Socket System" BABT Approval No 610211 PhonexBroadband (plugs in to mains) One needs [at least] 2 units, to route a phone connection over main power building wiring.

  • toshiba tv remote

  • Record Deck: Technics Direct Drive Automatic SL-D3

    33 & 45
    Pitch adjust: 50 & 60Hz. With Neon
    Memo Repeat: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,R
    Size: 7",10",12"=17,25,30
    Label on deck: Stylus Replacement: DIAMOND EPS 270-SD
    Stylus: Ortofon VMS 20E Mk II (Diamond got pulled off.)

    Electric Typewriter = Electrische Schreibmaschine

    Manufacturer=Hersteller: Olympia
    Model: Some word I cant remember + Compact
    Daisy wheel
    + Corrector ribbon. = Korrektur rad.
    German keyboard = Deutsche Tastatur = QWERTZ not/nicht QWERTY.
    With power cable. = Mit Netz Kabel
    No manual
    (but why would you want one ?) = Kein handbuch (aber warum wuerde solche gebraucht ?)
    Condition: Perfect working order (owner just prefers to use a PC).

    TV Satellite Decoder/Decrypter

    Obsolete, ie it works but they stopped broadcasting. Designed & Built by Jim Lucas.
    Good for a tech. wanting box & power supply for parts.

    Digital TV tuner

    Digital TV tuner
    Manufacturer: Pioneer (Made in UK)
    Model: DBR-TF100GB
    Manufactured: November 2003

    In perfect working order, swapped out as new TV had a digital tuner.
    With remote controller.
    Chassis: Metal shiny front & aluminium.
    From: UK/JES, What's know in UK as a"Freeview Unit".
    jl@ said 2011.01 this (if one adds an aerial) should pick up over 20 channels in Munich (but not CNN).

    Digital TV Tuner ?

    Philips Digital TV
    Prod. No. QM010247110950
    From: Can't remember With Remote Controller

    Remote Controller Philips VCR

    AV5600 for Philips video recorder VR6464.
    No video recorder, that died,

    Air Ionisers (2)

    2 x `Mountain Breeze' Particularly useful against allergies. Black centimetre size: 18 Wide x 12 Deep x 4 High.

    I might also have an air ioniser for a unit that plugs in to car power socket.

    Air Ionisers - Vertical
    - 1 Unit

    1 x Ioniser, square base, vertical tower height of a beer glass Black . Complete with mini power block & foam sleeve (on left in large picture)

    Walkie-Talkie / CB Set. 2 Units.

    Manufacturer: Harvard. Model: 410T 40 Channel. Has 12 V external charge socket. Rotary Controls: Volume, Squelch, Channel. Buttons: Emergency channel & Display Illuminate (channel). Long extendible aerials. Side thumb grip to transmit, & 2nd to send tone ? LEDs: RX: Green. Call: Red. Works with both NiCad Rechargeable Batteries or Normal Disposable Zinc Carbon.

    USB to USB data cable
    - 1 Unit.

    Digitus USB 2.0 Data Link & Networking Cable


  • Furniture & other stuff de-listed, will re-appear after sorting what's needed.

Sports Equipment

  • cross-bows
    Click for larger

    2 Cross-bows / Cross-bows / = Armbrust in Deutsch + Bolts ( = Bolzen in Deutsch)

    • The pictures on this page are of the older more antique one, some pictures of the more modern one in the gallery, both work, but I guess one would like nicer than other on a house, Restaurant, or [hunting?] museum wall.
    • There's also a more modern powerful one, also works,
    • Neither have wheels on each end of bow (do they call with wheels `reflex' ?).
    • Set of 15 bolts.
    • Would not sell to anyone dodgy or irresponsible.
    • Apparently in Germany one does not need permission to own cross-bows, but one needs permission where to load them, (apparently it's once they contain stored energy that they need to be used on licensed premises such as a shooting/ target range).
    • Might be customisable as an anti drone device ? : Fix 3 bike spokes at 120 degrees radial from each other at the front end of bolt in 3 * V shapes pointing forward. Would still be dangerous if any innocent others nearby, still illegal to use some places, (might or not be a useful idea for law enforcement personnel) - How else to down a drone, unless by trained falcon or eagle type bird ? ... or another killer drone above that drops or fishes with a net ?.

  • __
    Click for larger

    Ski Trousers

    • A tight fast racing set, for max. speed, don't flap in the wind. With built in crash pads for the knees & side of thigh to hip. They're too tight on waist for me. Blue & Black.
    • Picture shows them creased. That's just 'cos I dumped a load of wind surfing gear on top. Creases won't show if worn, or stored flat under a weight :-)

    Click for larger
    Click for larger

    Wet Suit

    - For maybe 5' 9" tall & slimmer than I now am.
    (No you can't have my surf board, I still want that :-)

  • __
    Click for larger

    Wind Surf Shoes

    Nominally size 44 / 9.5 but a fraction too small for me so I bought another pair. Got nicked on outside of one side so I stuck leather on to protect it.

  • __
    Click for larger

    Wind surf `trapeze'

    - ie a simple hook with back support, not what the Germans call a `Sitz Trapeze'. Good for people who've recently learnt, want to relieve the strain on their arms, but who are not yet good enough to sacrifice the extra control that you lose using a Sitz-Trapeze.


Other Info

I'm not interested in arranging packing & postage from Munich or Aachen, Germany, for random web browser buyers, unless sufficient money is being offered to be worth my time

Exception may be made for technical projects I'm involved with though.

Before Emailing Me, Read This

Americans Warning

I am NOT in the USA!

So many people from the USA have mailed me, making false assumption(s) that I was in USA, I've had to add this section, to remind them Web is Global , & an English language page does Not imply USA Post, Currency & Banking etc.

  • Cheap heavy bulky things may not be worth packing & postage for trans continental shipment from Europe.
  • It's not cheap domestic US Post. It's International from Europe !
  • Mail will cost you more than you expect, likely a lot more! (How wide is the Atlantic Ocean ? ;-)
  • Foreign USA dollars in small amounts relative to high minimum international bank charges makes little sense
  • I may Not accept low value US bank dollar checks (`cheques' in English!) or bank transfers - Some are worse than useless: - international bank charges can exceed the value ! (Ask your bank how much it will cost you to pay both your bank charges & my recipient bank charges - you may be surprised !).
  • You may have to pay USA customs/ national import tax from Europe .
  • I might have to waste time to fill a customs declaration form for you. & to mail back & forth to you, what you want me to declare etc, for numeric value & description re tax you will pay etc, & It's your problem to decide that not mine, as it's your country you want to import into, & I don't know your import tax system/ rates/ allowances. (& not interested in paperwork, unless you are paying serious money).
No offence intended to the subset of globally aware Americans, but I needed to to stop a stream of USA based people emailing me with queries based on false USA assumptions.

Free-loaders Warning.

if you'r some anonymous email address I've never met, wasting my time asking what's free: I will ignore you & not answer you.

I started this list of my & friends unused spare equipment, out of an ecological feel that spare equipment should be kept in use, not left to grow obsolete & be dumped, but numerous time wasters burdened me with stupid annoying mail like "What stuff are you giving away free ?" , So rather than delete the page, I chose the less drastic step of adding this deterrent

That aside I will attempt to give quick brief replies to serious questions, so if I don't reply, assume your mail got silently discarded by my spam filter, & I never even saw your query, so please email me from a different address on a different provider.

My Time Is Expensive - It may not be cost effective for me to sell to you.

  • Listing equipment here just means I _could_ dispose of it _if_ it's cost effective for me to consume time doing so !
  • Some limited subset of the equipment might be given away to project friends , much preferably locally to avoid the hassle - NO I won't tell you what's free, I don't want random net browsing scroungers wasting my time, (technical project associates are viable though).
  • I am a freelance computer consultant, with a heavy permanent backlog of things to do, & unless I'm going to receive a decent amount of money selling something, it's not cost effective for me to waste time arranging international money transfers & packing/ postage .
  • Often that means the proposed recipient of equipment should be geographically local to

    Munich or Aachen, Germany, Europe

    so they can

    collect by hand, and/or pay cash

  • Please do not waste my time asking about stuff that's not worth my time to pack, postage , & arrange international money transfer for.
  • In some cases it will be cheaper for you to buy more locally, from someone in your own city, in your own country, on your own continent.

Postage & Packing

  • If you want to know what post costs, look here:
  • Nearly all the equipment is in Munich or Aachen, Germany Europe .
  • I am based in Munich & Aachen, Germany Europe , using the particularly expensive German postal service, (Noticeably more expensive than British & Dutch over the years). International postage & bank charges are more expensive than national postal services. It may be cheaper for you to buy a more expensive equivalent item from within your own country at a cheaper postage rate.
  • Before you email me asking what the postage would cost you from Germany to your location on planet Earth, realise I'm usually too busy to waste time finding out.
    (It's dead easy for random strangers to browse through this web page, from some random place on earth, & pose that seemingly innocuous question, but much more wastefully time consuming, for me to assess all items belonging to an equipment, & figure packing, sizes, weights, & then find out the multiple weird ways Deutsche Post has to calculate their charges., then find you don't want it anyway)
  • Links for you to research how much postage will cost.
  • Do not post me anything without prior agreement. I accept no responsibility to receive or collect anything.
  • If posting to me, append my phone number (in brackets) after my name in my postal address, so it won't get stuck in customs, without me knowing it's arrived !)
  • Guess your size & weights, & ask your own post office what they would charge you to ship from your position on planet earth to Germany ... & then add some, perhaps quite a bit, because Germany is expensive for postage, & you'll probably under estimate).
  • If you still think it's worth the purchase cost + postage, then email me, it might then be worth me investigating, but don't ask me to waste time asking at the post office until you've agreed a purchase price with me, excluding postage.


  • Foreign (IE including USA $) cheques are useless for transferring small amount of cash internationally.
  • Ask your bank how you can pay a German bank in Euros, or a British Bank in Sterling & what the bank charges would be for you to pay Both Sender's bank charges & Recipient's bank charges, before you bother negotiate a price. The bank charge added may make any price unattractive.
  • You must pay international bank charges for both ends/countries unless the price is above 100 Euros or Pounds Sterling
  • You must pay in Euros or British Pounds Sterling, find out for yourself what the current exchange rate is to your own national currency.
  • Money (whether for equipment, packing, or postage) must be received by me before I send the equipment.
  • I accept without handling charge: Cash { UK Sterling, Euros, American Dollars} and Cheques on British or German banks.


  • A lot of things I don't know a price for, it's often old or unusual stuff, & I don't care, & markets & prices change, & I've got better things to do than waste time updating prices on this page.
  • Best make me an offer, I'm always busy, & I'll likely not get round to answering your mail if you make it hard for me by asking me to decide a price. I'm simply too busy, & not motivated, unless it's an expensive item worth time to think about.
  • Discount: Price is related to hassle, eg it's no effort if you happen to be in Munich or Aachen at some event I will attend eg at the Beer gardeners Stammtisch & carry there & you pay cash. Whereas if its bulky/ tricky to pack & time consuming to evaluate postage for & I have to take time to go to the Post office ... I'll also offer a cheaper price if you want several things bundled in one box.

Free Stuff

Anything you hope I might possibly give away free:
  • I did NOT put this page on the web so people with search engines half a world away can find it, & email me asking for free stuff. I put it here so that local friends & global technical associates who I already know, can see what I'm not using, & arrange transfer. I don't have time for begging email nor time to arrange Post & packing etc, let alone to consider if people I've never met should be given something free ! Certain tech projects are looked on with a kindly eye though ...
  • Most more expensive stuff is Not available free ! Mostly free terms only apply to local friends , club associates, & my internet technical associates, for any others where the hassle of international despatch applies, I prefer to sell it & make some money, if I must lose time shipping it
  • Either the above section on" Post & Packing" applies, Or Check with your Post office Before emailing me, whether they will forward to you, any package I send with no Postage stamps on, Marked "Recipient To Pay Postage", with no return address on, & no customs declaration on.
  • Don't ask me to list all equipment I'm prepared to give away free, I used to refuse such time wasting requests, until I changed to ignoring them & added this warning.
  • Tell me what you want & why, & who you are & & how you will pay postage in advance. Why should I give it to you free ? Make your case if you are a worthy cause, that I should consume my time arranging packing & postage!
  • I've both given stuff away free, & sold stuff.

Friend's Stuff

  • If friends run similar pages I'll happily cross link.
  • If you have seriously weird & old computer stuff to offload, Hans & others at VCFE like unusual stuff, the more unusual the better; though boring Wintel (Microsoft Intel etc) PCs they're not interested in. smiley face icon

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