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If You Received A Mail Error Message From Our Domains, eg:

  • 550 Access denied
  • 550 Relaying denied
If you'r not just another spammer etc, (as most email recipients of the above error messages are),
  • Please Phone & we will try to fix it for you.
  • You will be asked what error message took you to this page, especially if the last word was "access" or "relay" as above.
  • We may tell you on phone a different email address to forward error message to, so we can remove the block on your domain.

To Mail Administrators &/Or Users at Our Domains, Note:

  • Mail is dumped from or via Spammer Domains (Make sure your domain is not there, for various reasons eg:
    • If your domain blocks postmaster@ or abuse@ or hostmaster@ etc ) - breach of RFC (= international Internet law); Your registrar may be contacted to Cancel your domain.
    • If your domain or IP previously spammed us.
    • If your domain name is promoted by spam etc.
    • If your IP domain or IP was hijacked by a spammer etc. (no we don't routinely list standard spammer masqueraded domain name lies).
    • If you auto respond to every apparent sender domain, each time a mail is not deliverable on your site. Realise spammers usually masquerade a lie, pretending to be an innocent domain. If you stupidly become a secondary spammer, we may not just block you, but take action against you.
    • Note masquerading itself is OK OK, it's just fake masquerading of lied domains by spammers that is unacceptable.
  • Mail is dumped if containing Spammer Phrases
  • Mail in plain text Ascii format.
    HTML & other excrement such as Microsoft Word format are segregated &/or dumped automatically.

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