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Brexit: Pension & Health Insurance Rights of Brits Abroad etc

This is

Other info on Brexit:

This aims to be a list of web refs, nothing more , eg for UK National Insurance top up contributions, Health treatment of Brits abroad, paid by NHS UK Pensions rights etc
britishingermany . org/  
britishineurope . org / wp - content / uploads / 2020 / 01 / BiE - WA - p3 - Health - Pensions - Social - Security . pdf  
britishineurope . org/  
gov . uk / government / news / information - and - events - for - british - citizens - in - germany  
Search: thepensionsservice . gsi . gov . uk produces useful links eg next
gov . uk / international - pension - centre  
commonslibrary . parliament . uk / research - briefings / sn01457 / Frozen Overseas Pensions
gov . uk / guidance / benefits - and - pensions - for - uk - nationals - in - the - eea - or - switzerland  
whatinvestment . co . uk / state - pension - investors - urged - to - top - up - their - contributions - before - april - 2615595 / Investors urged to top up state pension contributions before April
ex toytowngermany_dot_com "toytowngermany . com / forum / topic / 344412 - is - it - worth - paying - uk - voluntary - contributions /"  
ex toytowngermany_dot_com "forum topic 298721-transfering-uk-state-pension-to-germany/"  
ex toytowngermany_dot_com "forum topic 364948-national-insurance-contributions-worth-topping-up-for-german-national/" In Thomas-Dehler str 3, 81737 München Tel 080010048015 They can enquire all over Europe inc UK, to figure what you are owed from state , eg inc. UK National Insurance (but they dont do pension enquiries to commercial companies eg not for employees of eg BT)


  • Disclaimer

    : Don't rely on this page, it may be wrong ! Read & search original authoritative sources !
  • Thanks to others for info below, more info & links welcome
  • Major Problem

    Many things depend on draft withdrawal agreement, & if a final agreement. In the case of no deal, they don't apply.

    Some arch brexiteers in parliament, & / or spouses & associates have speculated against Britain, & will financialy benefit from a hard Brexit. Some believe a hard crash no deal Brexit is what UK government works to. Some things depend on what Germany does, when no deal arrives.

  • Not every Brit in receipt of a UK govt. pension is entitled to free healthcare in Germany under the S1 scheme (reciprocal healthcare payments within the EU).
  • If you have ever paid into the German state pension (Rentenversicherung/ Altersrente) scheme, then you are excluded from free healthcare under S1 in Germany.
  • This exclusion may not apply to S1 entitlement in another EU27 country - but only if you have never paid into that country's state pension scheme and if you move there before the end of e transition period.
  • If you're not eligible in Germany, why not move to the sun and get free healthcare for life there! But you would have to establish residence in that other EU27 country before the end of the transition period!
  • To merge:
    • The latest email from British in Bavaria ( Local off line archives:
      • /pub/mail/list/brexit/british-in-bavaria
      • /pub/mail/list/brexit/britishingermany
      • /pub/mail/list/brexit/britishineurope
      • ~/mail/list/quiet/brexit/british-in-bavaria
      • ~/mail/list/quiet/brexit/britishingermany
      • ~/mail/list/quiet/brexit/britishineurope
      list/quiet/brexit/britishineurope where there were links to British in Germany with details of the Withdrawal Agreement. part 3 britishineurope . org / 2020 / 01 / 25 / wa - health - pensions - social - security/
    • On page 2 under Pensions precis: you may be entitled to receive an S1 form when you qualify for your UK state pension if you haven\xc2\xb4t worked long enough in your host country to qualify for a pe ion there. P. didn\xc2\xb4t apply for the S1, but received it after applying for State Pension about 3 months before 65th birthday. 2 people didn\xc2\xb4t get the S1 because they had paid into a German pension, so one moved to Austria and the other Spain and then they got the S1 cover.
    • on the UK Government website you can apply for a S1 whether you get it is another story!
    • we have a Withdrawal Agreement since the end of January this year. the Trade Agreement now has to be negotiated somehow by the end of this year with the overall Agreement. >/ul>

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